The C-Curve and its Relation to Back Pain

 The C-Curve and Its Relation to Back Pain

I have often heard mention of the C-curve and how it can have a long term effects if we don’t listen to the warning signals. I then decided to pay closer attention to those signals and after some research discovered the seriousness of what effect this can have on our health. 

If you find that your body hurts whenever you are trying to sit down, then it means that you are among the many people who have become accustomed to the pain, and have started tolerating it. But, if you happen to be beyond the minor discomforts where medication and rest have proven to no longer be effective, then it means that its time you started making lifestyle changes.

You should not ignore any symptoms that manifest themselves. Today, sitting is rated as one of the leading health risks affecting the back globally. It is best to comprehend what is causing this discomfort whenever you have to drive or sit down at your desk.


What are the Main Suspects?

Your physically demanding career, long working hours, long distance traveling, extended time spent slouching on your office chair, and engaging in intense activities may be worsening the pain, and this may cause it to become a serious issue. Even though one is likely to appreciate the benefits that come with using the seat to rest, and be productive, it eventually leads to increased risks of lower back pain.

Effect on the Body

Whenever you are standing, the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles located along the length of the spine will from time to time have to contract and relax. This is meant to make it possible for you to sustain your pelvic tilt, natural tilt, and posture. The named muscles comprise of all your spine muscles, from the base of your skull to the pelvis. The smaller, deeper, and slightly visible intrinsic muscles running along your spine are responsible for making corrections and adjustments while standing, to enable you to maintain balance and posture.

When you become seated, the need for these muscles to provide support reduces. When in a sitting position that has lumbar support, your abdominal and intrinsic muscles will not be active. As such, they will have stopped providing support to the spine during its resting period.

Even though seats tend to be the preferred alternatives as opposed to standing, they do come with their own set of risks. When adequate lumbar support from the said muscles is no longer available, the body loses its neutral curve, and this leads to an imbalance of your disks. In such a case, the weight of the upper body will bear down on the lower discs when it does not have the required support.

Therefore, the weight of the various discs will no longer be even, and this will cause your discs to start bulging. The intrinsic and extrinsic muscles will become weak, as well as overstretched. When you rely on the lumbar support that is provided by a chair, it means that circulation to the muscles will also be minimized.

The Muscles Protecting You Are Often Affected by Poor Mechanics

Many people have not learned the art of using their chairs upright properly. With time, this leads to slouching, even when they are seated. This leads to the development of a posterior tilt in the pelvis, and it can contribute to injury or a greater disk imbalance.

For instance, placing hands on the steering wheel table or keyboard allows the upper body to relax even further. By relaxing, you get to exacerbate the spinal curve as your body will bear down the weight of the upper body. This then causes the naturally balanced Lumbar S-shaped curve to instead change into a C-shaped curve.

Other muscles in the body, e.g., the traverse abdominal and the abdominals begin to relax, and this often results in little support being provided. The quadriceps and hamstring muscles end up becoming weaker, and shorter. It is this progression that in turn makes them pull on your pelvis when engaging in an activity, and this causes a reduction of your pelvic mobility.

When you have less mobility of the pelvis, your lower back starts to compensate for this by moving and bending more than necessary, every time you need to perform a task.


Over reliance on chairs for extended durations shortness your hip flexors, more so the psoas muscles. It is a muscle that attaches to your femur from the lumbar spine and becomes shorter. Tight psoas has been known to be some of the biggest pain contributors.

Adaptive shortening syndrome is the condition that occurs when your muscles begin to weaken and become shorter chronically. It makes it very painful to sit or stand. Body muscles will normally shorten when they become underused or overused. It is rare for them to go back to their original lengths unless you are able to adopt safe practices that you can use to stretch them.

Failure to get adequate treatment means that you may have to become reliant on pain medication, adapt to the discomfort, or engage in exercises that are not helpful. If you are not able to alter the destructive habits, your discs and muscles will start bearing this load, and it will lead to unmanageable chronic pain.

When the pain is no longer manageable, there is a possibility that you may find yourself suffering from radicular pain. Such pain is common in conditions such sciatica. Therefore, you should be in a position to spot any symptoms that begin to manifest themselves.

Using Penetrex to Manage Back Pain Caused by C-Curve

If you are distressed by acute or chronic pain, then you understand the kind of impact that this pain is likely to have on your daily activities. Additionally, you probably already know that you need to have an effective pain management solution to enable you to perform your activities with ease. Penetrex cream can provide back pain relief.

Apart from assisting with back pain, Penetrex back pain cream can assist you with conditions such as:

• Sciatica

• Arthritis

• Gout

• Shoulder inflammation

• Pain due to nerves that have become trapped

• Foot pain

Any pain or inflammation in the tendons, ligaments, and muscles can easily be treated through the application of Penetrex cream. This is a back pain treatment cream that works by treating the root cause of your pain, and not just by masking it. It mainly assists with inflammation, which is important particularly in a situation where an individual has sustained a repetitive injury. It contains active ingredients, which work to reduce tendon, muscle, ligament, and nerve inflammation. Penetrex cream is able to achieve all this, while at the same time being able to improve blood circulation in affected regions.

Written by: katewriter89