Causes of Back Pain

What are the causes of back pain?

After years of playing golf without the proper instruction on my swing I experienced lower back pain, neck pain and found myself in a never ending search for relief. So I started at the beginning by looking at the causes of back pain. I then looked at how to relieve my sore back. Especially when it applies to a home remedy for back pain.

Back pain has become a rampant issue affecting not only the old but also the young people. It can be a sign of several illnesses and conditions,This article address two types of back aches in the lower and upper back along with several causes of back pain, some of which are self-inflicted as a result of prolonged bad habits.


Some of the common symptoms include:

  • persistent aching along the spine from the neck base all the way down near the tail bone
  • sharp pain after lifting heavy objects on the lower back
  • neck and upper back, this can be a heart attack sign
  • lack of the ability to stand straight and experiencing muscle spasms on standing straight in the lower backbone.

Some of the following symptoms should be taken seriously and seek medical attention as soon as possible if experienced as the may be a sign of a more life threatening condition.

These Include:

  1.  numbness in arms, legs and groin might be a sign of spinal cord damage,
  2.  pains extending to the backside of the leg might be a sign of sciatica.
  3.  Herniated disc is accompanied with back pain by experiencing increased back pain when   coughing.

There are several causes of back pain common explanations include;

  • Stress and injury relating to the back muscles, that is back strain, an example is chronic overload due to obesity and unusual stress like pregnancy or heavy lifting.
  • Muscle strains, overuse and injury to the disc supporting the spine may cause upper and middle back pain.
  • Prolonged poor posture is also a major cause.
  • Disease and injury is another cause known as Osteoporosis, a bone-thinning disease which becomes painful when ones bone is fractured in an accident.
  • Degenerative arthritis which is related to age and other genetic predisposing factors.
  • Protruding disk causing nerve injury.
  • Cancer is another rare cause this results from spread to the spine from other part of the body.
  • Inflammatory arthritis and inflammatory back pain caused by various auto immune diseases, including anykylosing spondylitis, axial spondyloarthritis where chronic back pain has become a major symptom characterized by inflammation and other reactive arthritis.

Approximately 3% of adults are affected by inflammatory back pain and is mostly mistaken by mechanical back pain. Early diagnosis of such pains are important as they may turn out to be worse over time. Painkillers purchased from a pharmacy and exercise may ease such pains though it is still important to see a doctor for proper diagnosis.

Vitamins are effectively known for their relief of chronic aches, a study showed that vitamin B6 relieves chronic back pains in less than 30 minutes. Vitamin B6 deficiency might be a cause of back pains as they are necessary for certain amino acid processing and red blood cells manufacture. Vitamin B is used to treat various conditions, lumbago, facial paralysis and sciatica that is majorly accompanied by back pain. Manual therapy may be considered in treating back pain such as massage and spinal manipulation.

Penetrex a pain relief cream is essential in treating back pains as it contains Amica and vitamin B6 which is obviously an important component in treating back pain offering much needed back pain relief.


Written by: unclesambellavista