How to Avoid Back Pain

 How You Can Avoid Back Pain

The causes of back pain can come down to a
number of things. How you sit, how you sleep, possible injuries and medical
conditions are just a few of these. Most of the reasons you experience back
pain are avoidable and by improving the way you do things can help you
avoid back pain. Below will be a list of things that can be the cause
of your back pain and how you can reduce the pain
or avoid it completely.


You probably get told on a regular basis to
stand up straight. Often a lot of people slouch and this can cause back pain.
Good posture will keep your spinal cord healthy and functioning properly
compared to your slouched body compressing your back bones.

The same goes for when you are sat at a
desk. Sit up straight, have the chair adjusted to the correct height and angle.
To further this, you can purchase posture supports for your desk chairs. This
will help a lot if you a regularly sat at your desk for long periods of time, 5
days a week. Never skimp out on a good quality chair, try to find one that is
designed to help with posture and you won’t regret it.

Quit Smoking

Sounds crazy, right? Well, we all know that
smoking is a proven health risk and can actually cause other problems. One of
these known problems is that smokers are more likely to experience back pain.
This is due to the nicotine reducing the amount of blow flow to the spine,
therefore, causing further problems with the back.

Why not give it a go, if you experience
back pain and smoke, try quitting for a while. Without a doubt, you will start
to see how much better you feel.

Regularly Stretch

A lot of people don’t think about
stretching before doing most things. However, if you stretch before you plan to
do an activity or something that may cause strain, you will find that you won’t
come back with aches or pains.

There are a ton of stretching exercises out
there that are targeted to prevent pain and injury in specific areas.
Therefore, get searching, find some nice simple back stretching exercises and
you will notice the difference in how you feel after performing the activity.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet will promote a healthy body.
If you eat healthy and consume the right amount of food, your body will come
off better than those who eat without considering the consequence. The more
food you eat, the more weight you put on and this results in more stress on
your body.

Try to keep a healthy balanced diet, avoid
a diet that contains an excessive amount of spicy food or unhealthy take-away
food. Instead, try and create meals that contain lean meats, dairy products,
fruit and veg etc. This will keep your body healthy and more importantly,
reduce the chance of back pain.

Lose Weight

This ties in with keeping a healthy diet. If
you are overweight and experience back pain, then it might be worth looking
into losing some weight. There are a ton of groups and people out there that
are trained in helping you lose weight. This will result in your body being in
less stress due to not carrying the excess weight.

Lifting Heavy Objects in The Correct Way

You might be strong and think you can lift
whatever object you so please. However, are you doing so in the correct manor?
It doesn’t matter how strong you think you are, lifting the wrong way can cause
serious back problems down the line.

There are many articles out there with
different lifting positions to reduce risk of injury. There are also a ton of
instructional and information videos available online. Many workplaces are
starting to implement these videos to reduce the chances of injury through
incorrect lifting.

Sleeping Properly

Sleeping in the wrong position has been
proven to cause back pain. Many people have reported experiencing back and neck
pain after a bad night’s sleep. It all comes down to the position you go to
sleep in.

Sleeping on your side has been a popular
position for many and won’t cause any harm to your back. Simply bend your legs
at the knee, slightly raise them toward your body, place a pillow between your
knees, and keep your arms in front of you. Sleeping on either side will have
the same positive effect.

Another sleeping position is simply on your
back. However, many don’t realize that sleeping on your back with no support
can put strain on your spine. Therefore, lay a pillow under your knees. This
will elevate your legs and allow your back to rest in a naturally curved

The last position is for those who prefer
to sleep on their front. In most cases, you will find doctors or specialist
will tell you to avoid sleeping on your front as it causes stress on your back.
However, there are ways to reduce this back stress with the simple use of a
pillow. Place the pillow beneath your pelvis/lower body. This will keep your
back in its natural position and reduce back pain.

ExerciseBack Pain Relief

If you don’t exercise, your body is a lot
weaker and therefore, doing the simplest of things can cause you to get back
pain. Exercise ties in with the diet and losing weight as they will all come
together to work properly. Sadly, there are often many exercises that can further
the back pain rather than help it or avoid it. Here are some exercises that can
relieve back pain and some you should avoid;

Partial Crunches – -You may be wondering why a core
strengthening exercise would help your back. However, not only does it build
strength in your stomach muscles, but also your lower back. So, doing partial
crunches can be very beneficial to those who are wanting to exercise and gain
more strength.

Pelvic Tilts – Another exercise many think is just for
core strength. Pelvic tilts have a similar effect to partial crunches. The work
out is designed to strengthen your abdomen,

Hamstring Stretches – The lower back is supported by an array
of muscles, one of them is the hamstring. Doing hamstring stretches will not
only relieve the back on the leg, but also the lower back. The best way to
perform these stretches are with a fitness band. This will allow you to do the
stretch without having to strain your back to pull your leg back.

Press-Up Extensions – Don’t get these confused with full
blow press-ups. Instead you will be laying on your stomach, with your elbows
positions underneath your shoulders and hands straight out in front. From here,
you want to push down on your hands and you will feel your shoulders beginning
to lift. This will strengthen the muscles that support your back.

Leg Lifts – You will want to avoid these if you are
experiencing back pain. Many will suggest leg lifts to strengthen your core
which usually helps your back. However, in this case, lying flat on your back
and lifting your legs at the same time can make the pain worse.

Sits-Ups – This exercise is pretty common in daily routines; however, they
aren’t as good as you think when it comes to helping back pain. Sit-ups will
eventually strengthen your core. On the other hand, due to people using their
hip muscles rather than their core when performing a sit-up, the chance of
causing more back pain is a lot higher. Not only that, but sit-ups put pressure
on your spinal disks which won’t help at all with relieving back pain.

Toe Touches – A big no-no when trying to help back
pain. Toe touches tend to be a good way for people to stretch, however, the
position and movement doesn’t help your back. Not only are you completely
bending your spine to touch your toes, but you are stretching the hamstring
muscles and causing more stress on the spinal disks. Therefore, we would advise
you avoid this particular exercise.

Overlooked Remedies

Many people tend to go for the most
promoted relief. Many opt in for pain killers, some go to medical practices for
treatment. However, it might be worth giving these overlooked remedies a go

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep – Most people with back pain also have
some form of sleep disorder. This makes it a vicious cycle that not only keeps
you away, but causes you pain at the same time. It might be time to work on
your sleep disorder and see someone, which in turn, should help with resting
your back with a good night’s sleep.

Cold and/or Hot Soothing – A lot of people tend to
forget about applying a hot or cold pack to reduce pain. You would be surprised
on how much it actually helps soothe the pain. You might prefer one over the
other, although they both have benefits. The cold therapy will help reduce
inflammation and will effectively work as a local anesthetic as it will stop
the nerves spasming. Alternatively, the hot therapy is good for stimulating the
blood flow. This will supply the needed nutrients to the painful area.

Bathing – You can’t go wrong with a nice hot bath. Light up some candles,
put your favorite bubble bath in and relax. Many underestimate the effect of
having a bath and if you are one of those people, try it out. The hot water
will help soothe any aches and pains and effectively help you have a better
night’s sleep.

Massages – Some people aren’t too keen on getting massages. However, getting
the right massage can help ease stress, boost endorphins and relax muscles.
This will then help reduce the back pain. Massages aren’t just to feel good,
they help work out any knots that can be causing tension. If you aren’t too
keen on a massage, try out a massage chair.

Back Pain Remedy

There are a number of popular remedies that
you can pick up from shops in your town. Some are more effective than others
but the main goal is to reduce your back pain.

Prescription Drugs – One of the first things people with back
pain do is go to the doctors. This is because the doctor can diagnose and
prescribe drugs to help with the pain. A lot of the time these will just be
anti-inflammatory drugs such as naproxen and ibuprofen.

Acupuncture – In some cases, getting acupuncture can provide a better pain
relief than painkillers. It has been proven that the back pain was reduced
after acupuncture and in some cases, was better than any other remedy. It
appears that the needles can reduce the inflammation and change the nerve
reactions, resulting in less pain.

Physio – Some may be put off the fact that they will be stretching an
already painful back. However, being active and stretching and strengthening
the muscles can have a positive outcome. It may be tough at first, but your
body will overcome the hurdles and in time, your back pain will reduce. Your GP
may also refer you to cognitive behavioral therapy as well.


For those who would prefer an easy, low
cost way of reducing back pain, creams may be your winner. There are many
companies who offer creams that say they can help with back pain.

One of the best out there is called Penetrex.

You can purchase this online and in select shops but it is actually
named as Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in Pain Relief cream. Penetrex on Amazon has a
whopping 21,460 reviews with a 4  / 5-star rating. Just looking at the first
few reviews, the people purchasing and using this cream are having amazing
results. The one that stands out is from a 78-year-old lady who has had a
long-standing problem with pain. It isn’t with the lady’s back that is in pain,
but she has said it is quick to ease the pain and can rely on it when she is in

We would recommend checking this cream out
due to the sheer amount of positive reviews and how easy it is to pick up.


Overall, back pain can be a huge problem and is for many around the world. However, it has been proven that there are ways to help relieve the pain and avoid it all together. The above tips are just a few of the many ways you can sort back pain. However, it is advised that you go to your local doctors or GP for advice before undertaking any treatments.

Back pain needs to be taken seriously and
if not treat, can cause many more problems. If you are trying to avoid your
back pain, 9/10 times you will be causing injury to another part of your body.
So, while you are still able to cope, try and get some form of fix in place.
Whether you want to start out slow or just go straight into some of the more
effective methods, something is better than nothing and acting now is better
than leaving it and ending up in pain and unable to move.

Written by: Bravin4